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Tips To Have The Safest Crib Mattress for Your Baby

Video Walk-through of Crib Mattress For Baby

As a parent we are always worried about our children and their safety and that is why it is imperative that we have the safest crib mattress. There are many things that you need to think about when it comes to crib mattress safety such as;

  • fabric that your crib mattress is made out of,
  • the size of the mattress,
  • the firmness of the mattress and
  • even the sheets that you place on the mattress.

Did you know about all of these things?

The first thing is you need to make sure of is the mattress is the right size for the crib or bed frame that it is sitting on. Most of the time cribs and bed frames require a standard mattress so you don’t have to worry but you don’t want to always rely on that so just check it anyway.

If you want the safest crib mattress then you need to make sure that the size is correct for the crib or bed frame and also be aware of what it is made out of. Most crib mattresses have potentially harmful chemicals in the mattress, the cover and even the tags. The chemicals are normally from the fire retardant spray that is on the mattress.

Another thing you need to be aware of in choosing a crib mattress is the firmness of the mattress. Most parents believe that the firmness of the mattress doesn’t matter and that the softer the better, but this is not correct. You want to make sure the mattress is firm enough that when your child sleeps they don’t sink into the mattress too far, this will often times cause them to roll on their side which if not monitored could cause them to choke on the padding.

The last thing you need to always keep an eye on are the sheets, whenever there are sheets on the bed make sure they are tight against the mattress and they have straps holding them in place.

Colgate Eco Classica I Crib Mattress Review

Colgate Eco Classica I Crib Mattress

Colgate Eco Classica I Crib Mattress Is the Best For Your Babies

You may have already spent quite some time looking for the perfect crib of your baby together with the inside bedding but what about its crib mattress? Wouldn’t you also consider adding up the comfort of your child with a comfortable crib mattress? Choosing a crib mattress becomes very standard to many parents. Parents take a lot of consideration to this because they know that they are exposed to plenty of products. Products that are full of chemicals and many of them are proven to be cancerous like plastics.

Since infants are very sensitive and fragile, parents should be responsible on reducing the contact of their child to these harmful products. This is the main reason why organic crib mattress is of high demand in terms of most parents’ choice. One of the crib mattresses you can choose as the best is the Colgate Eco Classica I Crib Mattress. The Colgate Eco Classica I Crib Mattress is a great product you can add to every infant’s nursery. This kind of crib mattress is designed to be very safe to babies because it is designed as an organic crib mattress.

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Product Features of Colgate Eco Classica I Crib Mattress

Before purchasing any crib mattress, you need to be provided with the product’s features. It is very necessary for you to know since this entitles the right selection of the product. However, the main point why you are purchasing a product is to ensure the comfort of your child. To help you realize that Colgate Eco Classica I Crib Mattress is a great investment for your baby, given below are some of its amazing and wonderful features.

  • Colgate Eco Classica I Crib Mattress is a standard size in orthopedic style. The mattress is 5 inch thick and lightweight in 8 pounds. This crib foam mattress perfectly fits on standard size toddler beds and cribs.
  • Colgate Eco Classica I Crib Mattress passes all of the standards for air quality indoor and over 10,000 unstable organic compounds.
  • Colgate Eco Classica I Crib Mattress is high quality and ecologically friendly. The product is certified under CertiPUR-US and is proven to use safe foam that is made of plant oils. The plant oils replaced the petroleum oils that are commonly used to produce foam.
  • The surface sleep-cover of Colgate Eco Classica I Crib Mattress is a damask cloth that has waterproof backing.
  • The sheet of Colgate Eco Classica I Crib Mattress can be changed easily because it is super lightweight at only eight pounds.
  • It also made with stronger layer from the binding of strong cloth.
  • Colgate Eco Classica I Crib Mattress is certain in passing all federal standards of flammability that includes 16CFR-1633 and 16CFR-1632 as well as phthalates and CPSIA safety standards.
  • This crib mattress measures 28” by 52” by 6”.

Colgate Eco Classica I Crib Mattress Video Walkthrough

The specs of ‘Colgate Eco Classica I Crib Mattress, Beige’ are:

  • Manufacturer: Colgate
  • Product Dimensions: 52.5×28.8×6.3 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 11.4 pounds

Here are some REAL customer reviews:

“One of the wisest new-parent purchases we’ve made.”

Our little one hasn’t arrived yet, so my review is of the product only, not our child’s success on the mattress. ***UPDATED TWICE AT END***That said, this is an excellent mattress. From what I know so far, I can’t stress that enough. We had…Read more

“One of the best purchases I’ve ever made!”

As a first-time mom, trying to figure out what to buy and what brands are the most reliable is quite daunting. For crib mattresses, though, it is a bit easier. It seemed that everywhere I looked, all my resources all said the same thing…Colgate is the…Read more

“great eco-friendly crib mattress”

This mattress is very light, but firm – just what you need for an infant. The shell material feels very nice to the touch and looks great too. It fits perfectly into the IKEA Leksvik crib, so there are no issues with potentially getting little fingers…Read more

customer image


The Colgate Eco Classica I Crib Mattress is an organic crib mattress that surely fits the needs of your child. If you choose to purchase this kind of crib mattress, you will be certain that your child will receive the best security and comfort he needs. The most extreme feature of Colgate Eco Classica I Crib Mattress is its being an organic one. Since you always want to place your baby on the safest corner of your home, providing him with a sure safe product like Colgate Eco Classica I Crib Mattress will definitely bring him in that particular place. The product is recommended as extra firm and high quality mattress by many medical experts.


Even though the Colgate Eco Classica I Crib Mattress is close to perfection in terms of crib mattresses, this product may also have its downsides. Due to the firmness of the product, other parents may find it very firm, which may sometimes result the babies to be uncomfortable. Well, you may overcome this in the simplest way. You must use the firmness of Colgate Eco Classica I Crib Mattress as its advantage. You may also want to consider Colgate Classica III foam crib mattress and Sealy soybean foam core crib mattress. Just like Colgate Eco Classica I Crib Mattress, these two items can also bring you and your child great benefits.

More Customer Reviews and Scores

The customer review score for this product is currently 4.5 out of 5 stars. There are 28 customers who reviewed the product and 20 of them gave the perfect score of 5. This only shows that the product is really a wonderful thing to purchase. You can check the other Colgate Eco Classica reviews for you to be provided with authentic information about this product.


Purchasing Colgate Eco Classica I Crib Mattress will surely let you and your child have a great experience of comfort. Providing your child with this item will also help you ensure the health of your child. This is why when you choose to purchase this kind of crib mattress, there will surely be no room for any regrets.

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