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Natural Mat Coco Mat Review

customer imageNatural Mat Coco Mat for Maximum Comfort

If you have a newly born baby and you are looking for the perfect baby mattress for them, the natural mat coco mat crib mattress is the best. It will provide your children with excellent breathability and gentle support which is very essential when they sleep.

Your baby badly needs adequate sleep with the maximum comfort. If you need to replace that old mattress that you are using for your baby, then it is time for you to have this Natural Mat Coco Mat mattress. There are lots of customers who provide positive natural mat coco mat reviews which make this mattress ideal for your baby.

Product Features

  • Coco Mat is among the completely breathable natural baby mattress
  • The mattress is coir-filled which are from certified organic plantation of coir in the whole world in order to provide supportive and breathable middle layer
  • The layer of the coir is wrapped by the special lambswool wraps
  • Bathed with the mixture of lemon, lavender and eucalyptus extracts which makes the mattress free from dust mites
  • Excellent thermal insulation is provided by lambswool which help keep the baby warm especially during the cool weather as well as cool when the weather is warm
  • The outer cover of the Coco Mat is made from organic cotton which is washable and removable at 140 degrees Fahrenheit in order to kill dust mites and bacteria
  • 52 by 28 by 3.9 inches product dimensions, weighs 15.4 pounds

Natural Mat Coco Mat is best for babies for them to have a good start in their lives by providing them plenty of sleep and resting hours in a natural, safe and comfortable environment. The natural mat baby mattress is suitable for babies as they spend most of their time on it, so concerned parents want the most natural, breathable, comfortable, safe sleeping and hypo-allergenic environment for them. The Natural Mat Coco Mat is among the most natural and breathable organic mattress available on the market nowadays. It’s coir-filled which the manufacturer gets to the certified coir plantation worldwide. Coconut husks are the source of coir which is coated with natural latex in order to create a breathable as well as supportive fibrous layer for the natural mat coco mat crib mattress.

Natural Mat Coco Mat Video Walkthrough

The specs of ‘Natural Mat Coco Mat’ are:

  • Manufacturer: Naturalmat
  • Product Dimensions: 53x29x5.4 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 20.3 pounds

Here are some REAL customer reviews:

“Top of the Line, For Less…”

This mattress is GREAT! I had originally bought a regular crib mattress from BabiesRus. It seemed really good for the price – firm, but not too uncomfortable for baby. Then, I started researching cribs and stumbled upon information about cribs and…Read more

“My son LOVES his mattress!”

I really wanted to create an organic sleeping experience for my son despite feeling pressure from family and friends that I was going a little overboard both on concern and on the budget. But I think that since babies spend so much time sleeping their…Read more

“Best baby mattress you can find”

This is simply the best baby mattress you can find, unless you get a thicker one made the same way!We didn’t get our coir baby mattresses for our twins from this vendor, but coir mattress prices have been coming down and I expect will become a…Read more

customer image


The Natural Mat Coco Mat will be suitable for your babies as it will provide them with good quality rest in a natural, comfortable and safe environment. Parents will be glad with this baby mattress as it provides a natural, breathable, comfortable, safe and hypo-allergenic sleeping environment for the babies. Babies are very sensitive to temperature, so the Natural Mat Coco Mat is suitable for them as it keeps them warm when the weather is cool and cool when the weather is warm. The flexibility of the mattress makes it a worthy purchase. It is 100 percent organic mattress that is coir filled which is wrapped in lambswool that is bathed in lavender, eucalyptus and lemon extracts rendering it free from dust mites and provides excellent thermal insulation for the baby. The Natural Mat Coco Mat does not use any unnatural treatments chemicals, meaning that your baby is safe with it. It has two cotton covers that are made from organic materials. They are removable and can be washed using hot water of 140 degrees that keeps it free from dust mites.


The only drawback that this natural mat coco mat crib mattress is its being expensive, making it more available for those parents who have the capacity to buy them for their infants. But despite being pricey, purchasing one of this for your baby is a very sound idea as you will enjoy lots of benefits and advantages using this crib mattress.

More Customer Reviews and Scores

There are lots of positive natural mat coco mat reviews for the product. Most of the reviews conducted by the customers for the sealy natural mat coco mat are critical and helpful in nature. There are 14 customers who reviewed the natural mat baby mattress where 12 of them provided the highest score of 5 stars, one gave the mattress with 4 stars and another customer scored it with 3 stars for an average rating of 4.8 stars which proves that this mattress is among the best out there in the market. Six of the customers who reviewed the Natural Mat Coco Mat made the same statements and consider the product as the best mattress for babies.


Do not compromise the growth and development of your babies with those cheap crib mattresses out there. The Natural Mat Coco Mat will make sure that your baby will be comfortable and will have plenty of good quality sleep. With its breathability, flexible nature and natural build, you will be sure that your baby is in good hands with this natural mat coco mat crib mattress.

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