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Kolcraft Pediatric 2000 Mattress Review

Kolcraft Pediatric 2000 Mattress

The Sealy Kolcraft Pediatric 2000 Mattress is your Best Option

There are different kinds of mattresses for cribs that are available in the market. The price varies from the materials used in the mattresses. In order to have great crib mattresses, you have to consider if the one you will get is safe your infants or toddlers in the crib. Sealy Kolcraft Pediatric 2000 mattress is one of the best options in the market that you can get for your little one.

The Kolcraft pediatric 2000 mattress can be trusted because it meets and even exceeds the high standards set by the CPSC and also the federal flammability standard 16 CFR 1633. These mattresses are made with high quality materials. The sides of this mattress are made of 150 heavy gauge steel supporting the corner, side and edges of the crib. Your baby will surely be safe with Sealy Kolcraft Pediatric 2000 mattress because it has soft layers that are non-allergenic and good for the skin of your baby. The Sealy Kolcraft Pediatric 2000 mattress is the advanced version of Kolcraft Pediatric 1000 crib mattress. Read more…