Sealy Tender Vibes Soothing Mattress Review

Sealy Tender Vibes Soothing Mattress

Purchasing Sealy Tender Vibes Soothing Mattress Will Surely Provide You Lots of Advantages

If another new member of the family comes into your life, one of the important things that you probably consider is purchasing a crib mattress. There are a number of great brands of crib mattress available in the market. One of these famous brands is Colgate. Colgate specializes in children’s early bedding that is really award winning. Being provided with lots of models to pick from, Sealy Tender Vibes Soothing Mattress is the well-known model in the market. Sealy Tender Vibes Soothing Mattress is also fairly known in most customer reviews for crib mattresses. If you want to provide your newest child the best comfort you can give to him, you probably need to purchase this kind of vibrating crib mattress. Giving your child the most effective and comfortable piece of equipment he can use is one of the greatest things you can give to your child.

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Product Features

When you choose to purchase the Sealy Tender Vibes Soothing Mattress, you will certainly feel grateful having this kind of equipment for your child. You don’t have to feel any regrets since this product has lots of features that you can benefit from. Obtaining amazing features is actually one of the basic things a customer likes to look in his purchases. To help you decide and realize that Sealy Tender Vibes Soothing Mattress is the most suitable Sealy crib mattress for your little one, given below are some of its amazing and advantageous features.

  • The Sealy Tender Vibes Soothing Mattress has the ability to soothe the baby that will let the child fall asleep. This equipment is able to do it because of its vibration feature. The soothing vibration will slowly and automatically turn off when the baby falls asleep.
  • Sealy Tender Vibes Soothing Mattress also features heavy gauge innerspring coils made of steel allowing it to have the maximum firmness it can offer.
  • If you choose to purchase Sealy Tender Vibes Soothing Mattress, you will allow yourself to feel maximum security because of the additional two non-allergenic soft layers for sleeping that certainly provide a gentle and plush sleeping surface.
  • Purchasing Sealy Tender Vibes Soothing Mattress will surely make you feel grateful because it offers a lifetime warranty for its materials and workmanship and a year round warranty on its electronic unit.
  • Sealy Tender Vibes Soothing Mattress will definitely meet or even exceed the present phthalates standards that are set by CPSC. The product also meets the standards for federal flammability 16 CFR part 1633.

These are only some of the amazing features that can be offered to you by Sealy Tender Vibes Soothing Mattress. You will be able to explore a lot more when you decide to purchase and experience using one.

Sealy Tender Vibes Soothing Mattress Walkthrough Video

Sealy Tender Vibes Soothing Mattress


The specs of ‘Sealy Tender Vibes Soothing Mattress’ are:

  • Manufacturer: Sealy
  • Product Dimensions: 53x28x7.1 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 19.6 pounds

Here are some REAL customer reviews:

“A lifesaver, but not perfect”

We brought our daughter home from China in July. It was clear from the 14 hour plane ride that the vibrations in the seat made her relax. Since she has so much trouble sleeping, I was so relieved to find this vibrating crib mattress. It is wonderful for…Read more

“Love this mattress”

We love this mattress. Despite the silly name it is great. We bought one 2 years ago for our little boy and it worked so well at soothing him it was a must for our newest edition. Oh and the first one we bought it’s batteries lasted nearly two years as…Read more

“Just what I had hoped”

This mattress fit perfectly into our crib. Batteries are easy to get to but screwed in so that small hands cannot get to them. Vibration feature is strong enough to be felt through bedding without shaking the baby too much.Read more


If you want to give your child the comfort he requires, you definitely have to invest in Sealy Tender Vibes Soothing Mattress. Purchasing a product like this will surely provide your baby a unique experience during his sleep. The tender vibration that is produced by the product will soothe your baby into falling asleep. This soothing vibration is very convenient to use because it slowly turns off as your baby falls to sleep. This kind of Sealy vibrating baby mattress is constructed with tough gauge steel coils innerspring materials that provide the equipment to be on its maximum firmness. Regret will never be in your mind once you choose to purchase an amazing crib mattress like Sealy Tender Vibes Soothing Mattress.


Even if you find the Sealy Tender Vibes Soothing Mattress close enough to perfection, it still has its downsides. If you use this product on wooden floor, it may produce some unusual sounds which may not be pleasing to hear. That is why if you purchase this product make sure that you have concrete flooring.

Customer Reviews and Scores

The current customer review score of Sealy Tender Vibes Soothing Mattress is 4.7 out of five stars. Most of the reviewers gave the product a perfect score, 18 of them to be exact. Take note that no one gave the lowest score for Sealy Tender Vibes Soothing Mattress. This result only shows that purchasing this kind of product is really a great investment for your child’s comfort.


If you really want to pamper your baby and bring him the comfort he deserves to experience, you should get the Sealy Tender Vibes Soothing Mattress because it will be the best crib mattress you can provide him. It will surely be the best for him since it can offer something which other crib mattresses cannot. Aside from this product, you can also choose Sealy soybean foam core crib mattress which will also bring the best for you and your baby’s needs. Getting these products is definitely worth of your time and money due to their features and advantages.

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