Sealy Baby Ultra Rest Mattress Review

Sealy Baby Ultra Rest MattressSealy Baby Ultra Rest Mattress spells perfect comfort for your child. Looking for the right mattress for your child is a part of the hardest tasks parents could ever make. This is because you need to find the right softness for a comfortable sleep, yet the firmness of it is equally important especially when your child starts to sit, stand, and walk on it. But this serta nightstar extra firm crib mattress provides the firmness of adults’ mattress with the sturdy steel rod boarders all around it, keeping all its sides, corners, as well as its edges firm even when your child starts to do more than sleep on this Sealy Baby Ultra Rest Mattress.

You need to find the best mattress that will support and distribute your child’s weight evenly on the entire mattress’ surface. This is what Sealy Baby Ultra Rest Mattress will provide since it is designed for durability and strength with its heat-tampered heavy gauge (204) interlocking coils made of steel materials. You don’t even have to worry about your bed frame since Sealy baby ultra classic crib mattress fits any standard size crib.

Product Description of Sealy Baby Ultra Rest Mattress

You need not to look any further since Sealy Baby Ultra Rest Mattress can provide you and your baby with what you require. To start, sealy baby ultra rest crib mattress dimensions’ of 51.5 inches x 27 inches x 5 inches can fit any standard-sized bed/ crib. This amazing mattress comes with 2 layers of longer-lasting support and is proven to be safe on your baby’s skin as it is made from non-allergenic surface, while another non-allergenic layering is made to provide only comfortable, gentle sleep.

Manufactured and warranted for 15 years, you can be assured that your baby will outgrow this Sealy Baby Ultra Rest Mattress. This is the best offer any parent can be presented with for their child and definitely the best in the market. Top quality product and customer service may sound surreal but not when you are talking about Sealy Baby Ultra Rest Mattress which has been perfected to suit every parent’s and baby’s needs. It is even designed with laminated surface that serves as your baby’s protection against bacterial formation on the mattress since babies most of the times cannot control bed wetting. Not only Sealy Baby Ultra Rest Mattress is supported and comfortably designed but it is very easy to clean as well. All you need is to wipe it off with damp cloth and that’s it!

Product Features of Sealy Baby Ultra Rest Mattress

  • Boarder rods keep sides, corners as well as edges very firm similar to adult mattress
  • Vertical support of steel bars evenly distributes your baby’s weight over the mattress’ entire surface
  • 2 non-allergenic layers give longer lasting support and durability
  • A third non-allergenic layer offers plushy comfort
  • 15-year warranty on materials and workmanship
  • Sealy Baby Ultra Rest Mattress met, if not exceeded, the phthalates standards currently set forth by Consumer Product Safety Commission
  • Met the standard set by federal flammability (16 CFR 1633)
  • Product dimension of 51.5 inches x 27 inches x 5 inches
  • Weighs 13 pounds

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“~*~*~Not too soft, Not too hard, Comfortable and Safe~*~*~”

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“Just what we were looking for.”

Picking a mattress is a difficult decision, it is hard to know if one will be the right one,when you look for a mattress for your self you can just lay on them and if they feel right you know, with a crib mattress your baby wont tell you if it feels…Read more

“Mattress fits well in the DaVinci Kalani crib”

The mattress feels good and also fits very well in the DaVinci Kalani Crib. No space around the mattress – very snug.Read more


Sealy Baby Ultra Rest Mattress is designed with laminated cover to help in reducing any form of bacterial growth and acts as a protective covering for baby wetting. This reasonably priced baby mattress from Sealy also provides anti-static, padded surface for comfortable rest of your child. It has good support surrounding the mattress, a good sign that it is well constructed and used high quality materials. Sealy Baby Ultra Rest Mattress gives the right firmness and softness your baby will love. The softness of the non-allergenic layer and firm structure of the steel provides safe and comfortable sleep of your child.


Sealy Baby Ultra Rest Mattress is constructed with laminated surface to serve as a protection against wetness and bacterial formation but may be an issue for some parents. You can always use breathable bed covers for a more comfortable sleep of your child.

More Customer Review and Scores

Sealy baby ultra rest mattress reviews have been made by 60 customers. Out of these 60 customer reviewers, 34 rated the product with 5 stars, 13 of them gave it a 4-satr rate, 5 customers gave it a 3-star rate, 4 of them rated it 2-star rate, and 4 of them gave it one star-rate. The overall average customer score of Sealy Baby Ultra Rest Mattress is 4.2 out of five stars.


Time and again, Sealy Baby Ultra Rest Mattress will never let any parent or baby down since the mattress is constructed with great sturdiness, plush comfort, and long-lasting support that will last for a long time. With its reasonable price and high standard quality, there is nothing you can ask for in a mattress for your loved baby.

Get Sealy Baby Ultra Rest Mattress at the best price available today.

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