Why You Might Want To Consider An Organic Crib Mattress

How To Choose An Organic Crib Mattress

If you are the type of parents who like to lead a green lifestyle then you should definitely go for an organic crib mattress. It is what is on the inside of the mattress which is a deciding factor on whether it can be called organic. It is certainly worth taking your time to locate the best organic crib mattress even if it means agonizing over making a decision. At the end of the day you simply want what’s best for your baby and there are many websites featuring the best organic crib mattress reviews which you should read carefully.

It may seem complicated when you first start researching the organic crib mattress as there are quite a few different types of organic mattresses on offer. Preferably you should go for a mattress which has not harmed the environment during the manufacturing process as well as considering the actual materials that the mattress is made from.

If you read many of the best organic crib mattress reviews you will notice that many parents recommend a mattress which is made from a mixture of natural latex and lambs wool. This mixture has many benefits such as excellent breathability, anti-bacterial qualities, hypo-allergenic properties and the added bonus of superior orthopedic support. These features are essential, especially for new born infants. A baby needs a very firm mattress in order to support its growing bones, and the breathability offers peace of mind against your baby overheating while asleep.

Organic crib mattresses are also available in natural coir and organic wool blends or natural latex foam and horsehair mix. If you have a decent budget you could perhaps consider buying an organic crib mattress which is a mixture of either mohair or cashmere with natural latex foam. Mohair is a particularly good choice for heavier, older babies due to its fantastic comfort. Any of the best organic crib mattress reviews will tell you that any organic mattress is better, especially for new babies because of the high quality levels of firmness, ventilation and breathability. Do look out for organic mattresses which can be flipped over at a later date to offer a softer surface for toddlers.

Video Walk-through of Organic Crib Mattress

Organic Crib Mattress


In order for your baby to have the most natural, soft feeling against their precious skin when they lie down then you should buy an organic wool crib mattress. These fantastic mattresses help to keep your baby cool and comfortable so that they will sleep more soundly. Like all organic mattresses, an organic wool crib mattress will guarantee good breathability, ventilation and prevention against moulds and mildew. The hypo-allergenic element should help if your baby goes on to develop asthma or eczema by not exacerbating these conditions. This type of organic mattress tends to be lightweight as well which makes it easier to change the bedding.

Conclusion On Organic Crib Mattress

Remember that unless the label states clearly that the mattress has been certified 100% organic then it probably is not. These organic crib mattresses offer your baby a comfortable, safe environment to sleep in during those precious early months and it is worth paying a little more for such excellent quality. Organic crib mattresses are certainly the way forward in helping to protect our planet from greenhouse gases as well as offering the ultimate luxurious sleeping experience for you baby.

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